Richland Wa Real Estate

Located in a particularly beautiful part of southeastern Washington,
Richland Wa homes for sale are in an unbeatable combination of
wonderful surroundings with a bustling local population.
Around that nucleus has arisen a thriving real estate market, one that
has been navigated by the Lane Real Estate Team, Joe and Colleen Lane
for a combined 20 years. That level of experience combined with a
complete working knowledge of Richland and the Tri-Cities area have
made Joe and Colleen Lane two of the finest real estate agents in the

The Beautiful Southeast Washington Surroundings

Located at the convergence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers, Richland
is one of the most prominent cities in southeastern Washington and
serves as part of the Tri-Cities region. These rivers remain the life
blood for much of the activity in the city, including one of the hidden
gems of the Richland and Tri-Cities area, the bustling wine industry of
the Columbia Valley. With more than 100 wineries in driving distance,
Richland is well connected to the industry and provides those visiting
or living in Richland the opportunity to spend a beautiful weekend
afternoon sipping wine at any number of establishments.

Of course, with rivers such a vital part of the formation and history
of Richland, water recreational activities abound in the area. An
extensive set of parks in the area supports activities both on and off
the water for those of all interests. The unique landscape of the area,
a mix of the lushness of the rivers and the surrounding desert-like
climate, provides a slew of unique outdoor areas to explore for those
all skill levels as well.

The Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve is one such lovely area,
offering stunning views of Richland and its surrounding area with
extensive hiking and outdoor recreational opportunities. Richland truly
has something for everyone, whether it be outdoors or in and as part of
the bustling Tri-Cities area, Richland is never far from where the
action is happening.

The Richland Real Estate Experts You Need

To complement such a beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest, Joe and
Colleen Lane have spent over two combined decades honing their real
estate skills and local knowledge about the Richland area. Now experts
in the ins and outs of the local real estate industry, Joe and Colleen
Lane have helped countless customers buy or sell real estate of any
kind in an efficient, expert transaction.

One of the tenets of the Lane Real Estate Team has always been to serve
the customer with the best possible service. That tenet rings true as
buyers and sellers looking for homes, multi-family residences or
investment properties in the Richland area have trusted the Lane Real
Estate Team for some time. Few things can make as big a difference in a
Richland real estate transaction as time-tested, local knowledge of the
particular area, Richland in this case.

Armed with everything from MLS listings to important personal and
professional connections in the Richland area, buyer and sellers always
walk away from a real estate transaction with the Lane Real Estate Team
happy, well-informed and sometimes pleasantly surprised at the high level of service. This passion for helping buyers and sellers have the
best possible real estate experience is what drives Colleen and Joe
Lane to provide such an outstanding level of service and personal

Your real estate transaction is extremely important and the Lane Real
Estate Team understands that. Extra time, extra care and extra
preparation are put into every transaction guided by Joe and Colleen
Lane to ensure that everything occurs smoothly and without a problem.
Over 20 combined years of local experience with the Richland real
market has left the Lane Real Estate Team perfectly positioned
to offer just that, a smooth, efficient real estate transaction in a
beautiful city, Richland.  Consider viewing Richland Wa homes
for sale through the MLS today.


Richland Washington History

Richland, Benton County, Washington, is the smallest of the three cities (the other two being Kennewick and Pasco) that comprise the renowned Tri Cities area of the state, but this dynamic community situated at the convergence of the Columbia River and Yakima River is steeped in a long, interesting, and rich history that stems back many centuries.


Before Richland was named and recognized as a townsite and later, an official city, the region, called Chemna back then and later, Columbia Point, was for centuries home to the Wanapum, Yakama, and Walla Walla Indian tribes, where, at the Yakima’s mouth, they would harvest the salmon, hunt game, and gather berries and roots. The mouth of the Yakima River is also famous for its visitation from the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition on October 17, 1805…[more Richland Wa History]


Richland Washington Recreation

Although the smallest of the three communities that make up the Tri Cities area in Washington, Richland is certainly not short on recreation, activities, attractions, or entertainment. In fact, no matter what brings you to Richland—business, pleasure, vacation, family, real estate—you’ll find plenty to see and do during your stay there, from its active wine industry, outdoor activities, and natural attractions, to golf and professional sports…[more Richland Wa Recreation]

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